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How do I care for my wrap?

You can wash it like normal and take it through a touch-less car wash but we suggest you do not power wash it. We have a hang tag that we place in each vehicle we work on that reminds you of basic cleaning procedures.

Do all wraps include the door jambs?

No, door jambs can be wrapped upon request for an additional cost.

What is the difference between wrapping and not wrapping door jambs?

The difference is what you simply see when the doors are open on the vehicle.

How much does it cost and how does payment work?

Cost is directly related to the square footage of the vehicle, intricacy of curves on the vehicle, the type of vinyl used and if a design is needed for the wrap or not. We provide free estimates via phone call, text and email. Feel free to click the button below to get an estimate as well!

We require a 50% deposit on the approved estimate. This adds you to our install calendar, custom orders your selected material and, if needed, adds you to our designer's que. (We do provide design proofs without a 50% deposit on the order). The remaining 50% is collected upon vehicle pickup.

I'm between wrapping and painting my car. Why should I wrap it?

Vehicle wraps last about 5-7 years with proper care. The wrap's lifespan will be longer if the vehicle is parked out of direct sunlight and if proper cleaning techniques are maintained. A vehicle wrap "freezes" the condition of your high quality factory grade paint meaning when the wrap is removed (before intense fading or major cracking begins), your vehicle's original paint looks like it hasn't aged at all. Because of this, vinyl wraps are an excellent paint protector. Wrapping a brand new car to protect the paint is just as common as wrapping an older car to make it look nicer!

The cost of wrapping a vehicle tends to be less than half the cost of a quality paint job. This is especially true if you are wanting a custom design!

If you plan on selling the car later, the wrap can be removed, leaving behind no adhesive, thus leaving the car in its original factory paint color.

When selecting your wrap, the options are endless. You can choose between gloss, matte, and satin finishes.. as well as other options such as color shifting vinyls, textured vinyls and even custom designed and printed vinyl for a one of a kind design. **Stop by our shop to check out all of your options!**

What brand of vinyl do you use?

We use either Avery, 3M, KPMF, Orafol, Inozetek or Briteline vinyl for our wraps. All vinyl is custom ordered per job and we recommend buying the vinyl through us so that you can keep your labor warranty.

What type of warranty do you offer?

In order to uphold our labor warranty, we require each customer to complete a 30 day check so that we can ensure the quality of the wrap. After this, we offer a 2 year labor warranty meaning if you have any issues with your wrap (bubbling, wrinkles, peeling up, etc) just let us know and we will resolve the issue right away.

*We do not offer a warranty on:

- chrome deletes (as the vinyl naturally tends to shrink back 1/16 of an inch over time)
- vehicles that do not have a factory paint job in perfect condition
- any installation job where the client provides us with their own vinyl

How does Performance Wraps ensure a quality wrap is installed?

Every vehicle that enters our clean and temperature controlled shop has a pre-inspection completed on it and is thoroughly cleaned. Every Performance Wraps installer is trained on proper technique (using our own training vehicle) such as learning all of the different vinyl properties, limiting heat usage and over stretching, limiting unnecessary seams, never putting a knife on your vehicle, and proper finishing procedures such as post heating and edge sealing. The wrap is completed with a vehicle post inspection to ensure the quality we promise. Lastly, we ask to see the vehicle within 30 days so that we can see how the wrap is looking overtime and address any potential concerns.

We also continue to stay up to date with evolving techniques through training courses and industry conventions.

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How long do you need my vehicle for installation?

For a full wrap, we request to have the vehicle Monday-Monday (7 days) to ensure us optimal time for proper installation and edge sealing.

For lettering or partial wraps, it can take anywhere from 1-3 days.

If you have a time restraint that does not allow your vehicle to be down for this amount of time, reach out to us and we can work with you to achieve your wrap in a shorter time frame.

Do I have to wash my vehicle before installation?

Yes, it greatly helps us! Although we do clean every vehicle before install, a quick run through a car wash makes a huge difference for our team.

How do custom designs work?

FOR BUSINESS ADVERTISING WRAPS: If your business does not have an existing design to match, we will ask you to send us 2-3 design inspiration photos, logos (if any) and font types/colors. Our designer will work with you to come up with a design that reaches your target market and matches your branding. We will get your approval on artwork before printing the wrap. After this, we will request approval on colors by printing you a test print of the wrap. Our installers will then install the wrap using your approved proof as their guide.

FOR PERSONAL - CUSTOM DESIGNED WRAPS: We will ask you for a few design inspiration photos and our designer will begin to give you mock ups of your options. We will get your approval on artwork before printing the wrap. After this, we will request approval on colors by printing you a test print of the wrap. Our installers will then install the wrap using your approved proof as their guide.

*All designs created for you are owned by YOU.*

Does it cost more to have multiple colors in my custom printed design?

No, it costs the same to print one color as it does to print 30 colors so we encourage you to not limit yourself when it comes to designing!

How long can the wrap stay on my vehicle?

5-7 years with proper care.

How do I know it is time to remove the wrap?

The wrap will begin to face and crack. When this begins to happen, the wrap needs to be removed immediately. The worse the cracking/fading gets, the harder the removal process will be and you greatly increase your risk of damaging the paint underneath.

How do I get the wrap removed?

We offer wrap removal as a service! Just give us a call, text or email and we can add you to our schedule for this.

What additional services do you offer?

  • Headlight/Taillight tint
  • Partial wraps (hoods, roofs, etc)
  • Stripes
  • Boat Wraps
  • Architectural Wraps (Walls/windows)
  • Motorcycle Wraps
  • Wrap removal
  • Decal install (if you find something you like online but need help putting it on your vehicle)
  • Business cards
  • Yard Signs
  • Banners